This website helped me learn a little bit about things I never thought I would ever learn. Website design to me, seemed like a really useful skill to have. Nowadays, promoting yourself in whatever means of competitive field seems like the only way to get ahead. With so many people trying to do limited things, theres only so many different things you can see before some get pushed aside. The ones that promote, seem to rise to the top though. When the internet is being used 24/7, making a website for anything would be neat. So having that ability to put yourself out there in a proper more professional way, would be a good thing when it came to promoting. These skills will allow me to maybe one day better present something professional as an online source.

Not only did I learn skills that could help in that aspect, I learned many things to protect myself and my future work.

During my building of the project I had went over many different ideas in my head on what I actually wanted to do. I was excited about the website making, not so much about the limited choices from the special collections. Yet, I was able to finally decide on something simple, Mardi Gras. Since my family has had strong ties to both different styles of Mardi Gras I was kind of already versed on the subject. The pictures I found were interesting but much of the stuff that was in there as information was just further details on the outfit designs. It made me realize that back then it was just people getting dressed up really nice and having an event. Which is exactly what they do today. I guess some things will never change.

My Project covers Louisianas long standing tradition of Mardi Gras Balls. These Mardi Gras balls date to as far back as 1870 back in New Orleans. On Plantations they would have these balls, and the highlight of each one was the cutting of the king cake. If you found the bean inside of your piece (today its a plastic baby), you would be the king and queen for the next ball. My website shows how the balls back in 1969 through the Lafayette Troubadours Association looked, compared to the Krewe of Carencro in 2015. When doing my research I realized that most of the traditional Royalty outfits are very similar to the ones royalty will wear today. All the royalty dresses that were sketched looked just as elegant as the ones you will see today.

This project is something I could keep on going and see how many different designs for outfits I can find. The ULL Special Collections had so many more photographs that could of been used if I had the time. I could also keep it going for the present too. My parents are currently on the Krewe of Carencro. So I could keep getting pictures from them to see how long the tradition seems to stand.

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