Video games are an outlet for people to live lives they could only dream about. Video games can take you to places in the past, future, and places that will probably or will never exist. Since video games can take you to the past, history could be explained in an entirely new way. The way it has been presented thus far can be seen as misconstrued. Just like in movies, video games tend to have a more different list of events that is usually altered by the person producing them. As someone who has played video games that can go over the past, I have seen it all to much already.

In the first reading by Mir & Owens, they discuss a game called “Civilization IV: Colonization”. I had actually played the game “Civilization V” which is the engine used in the reading discussed here. This game was slightly different but same in some ways. Like this game, there was a more state aspect, where you colonized tiles. In this game however you were trying to take over the world as any one of the many ancient civilizations that have roamed the earth. It was in a sense historical since you could learn about all these ancient civilizations, but at the same time it wasn’t. None of the civilizations would actually go through the path their civilization went down in real life. You could have Aztecs ruling the world by the end of it, which would not make any sense.

Gaming has been a huge new way to get kids and even adults to learn in a new exciting way. By setting up a problem solving situation, you can really get someone to use their brain in a way they probably never would. But by doing this, you could also get someone naive like a kid or an adult that doesn’t know better, and make them believe history the wrong way. Video games can seem less entertaining when it comes to how the set up of it is. Without proper storytelling though, entertainment can sometimes overcome the actual historical relevance.

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