When it comes to open source I have always been a huge advocate for it. I use Soundcloud to show off my mixes, but the music I usually use isn’t mine. Djs are constantly doing this for there shows, but usually are not giving much credit to that person. I can see how people would not want things open when it comes to certain things. I feel like people do like to keep their content locked away when they can make a profit off of it. Yes its not fair to the people that want to learn from it, but I always felt like its really up to the author.

When reading the first reading, I was able to see there is a huge crowd for  open sourcing this information. This reading went into a couple of different peoples thoughts on open sourcing all information. They were at a conference on the actual topic. All of their arguments seemed like they were for it.

I think open sourcing information can be great, but I don’t agree you should force someone to. When you come up with something it should be your creation, where you can choose what you want to do. I can see how people would want certain information available to the public, but I don’t think you need to open everything. Having something that can increase your knowledge I can see being open but at the end of the day the author can really choose what to do. Maybe one day information won’t have to be paid for, and available to all.

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