It is clear in the realm of digital public history that Omeka is definitely one or, the best one, when it comes to digitizing history. But what makes it so easy and nice to use? The readings I went over this week made it very clear why its such a great site, the easiness for anyone to use it. When you are building a website and literally every option is explained to you in detail what it does, it really loosens your fear of making a site. One could easily add items, add plugins, or even add whole exhibits only with a few short descriptions and a few button clicks.

Now this weeks readings also helped prepare me in using Omeka. the first three readings helped a lot in seeing how the website functions from the builders point of view. Having pictures to go with every description made it really easy to see how one would use the site. It also showed how its main use as a virtual exhibit builder really is its strong point. But even if that wasn’t your focus on your site, you could easily use it to build a site for anything.

In conclusion omega seems like a very user friendly site, which can be hard to do now a days. I personally will probably not use it for my final project, but thats just because Im not making an exhibit. But I could definitely see how one would use it to make a virtual exhibit online, and a very good one at that.

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