This weeks readings were very insightful when it came to what I was thinking about doing for my final project. I felt like the readings gave me different aspects to ponder about and, also gave some nice examples. I felt like seeing a whole bunch projects from the student point of view made it more clear on how I can make my site work. Because Im not going to lie, sometimes the thought of making a website that is realistically good can seem like an impossible task. I felt like the readings this week helped to ease my mind and come up with more great ideas for what I can do with my space.

My favorite reading this week that really got my mind working was the “responsive web design” reading. I thought this reading really made you think in a way that most of us were probably not thinking before. Yes functionality, design, and ease of use is all things we think about when putting a website together. The responsive design idea really made you realize though that the literal size and space of the website itself could really make or break the site. I felt like a lot of the readings that went into design covered topics we had already went over. The examples in the first one were also things we had seen before in other examples. But I really got a lot out of making use, and making sure the space itself, is where it needs to be.

In conclusion this weeks readings helped calm me down about the slowly approaching due date of my final project. I think seeing all these examples and, getting these tips on design are really going to help in the long run. If anything I was able to see realistically what I am expected to accomplish with this site and now have better grasp of what I can make happen.

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