In this weeks readings, we covered a lot of subjects related to digital public history in the different forms it can present itself. I felt like all these readings gave great examples of how I could do my project. I also could see how most places like museums and companies were already utilizing technology as platforms to get this information out. Though the first reading did say that surprisingly most museums do not like to put information out there on the web.

In the first reading it went over the many ways museums are utilizing the digital age for their use. Using apps to go along with museum tours, to digital archives presented online. The sad thing I heard in this paper is that there are more museums doing nothing online or barely anything, compared to museums actually having a good online presence. It also said how most of the museums that do have a good platform are very hard to find information on their site say through google. Most of the time google searches do not bring you to the information, but with enough work searching on the website yourself you could find the information.

Collecting the present confused me, I think the information in it was presented in a strange way. It was almost as if it didn’t flow well. But I did get out of it that using things that are already out there can help you with your own personal platform on the web.

The archive reading was interesting in the fact that, it made you realize there are not just these digital archives out there that we have been talking about most of the time in class. Archives van range from tapes, to physical collections, to the digital archives we have been talking about so far. Being able to see how archives can be expressed was an eye opener.

We must preserve the digital history we already have. It is already hard enough to find good platforms of digital history. Why not use the websites we already have to either make them better or, make them easier to access. This would allow more people to access this information and also make the process of digitizing everything easier since its already there. These readings helped me realize the importance of these few archives we do have on the internet, and the importance of keeping the existing history we have on there up to date.


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