When going over the readings for the week, it seems like the digitalization of history has made things a lot more confusing. With more regulations, public historians now have to deal with the different tasks that are at hand. Not only do you have to deal with legal issues, depending on what style of digitalization you go with you might have to deal with other issues as well. Making sure that you have the right technologies, programs, or operating systems for the research to be presented can also cause problems. It seemed like a lot the authors made these points a lot more of a major issue than what they needed to be. Yes not having a program can cause an issue when trying to view certain aspects of a digital presentation, but these problems are usually not that huge of a deal. These problems can usually be fixed with a simple download from the internet. Most times a problem like that arises it is from outdated software which is not the historians fault. You shouldn’t discredit someones work just because a certain audience might not be able to view it without proper equipment. If the work helps advance public history then there shouldn’t be any negativity going into it. Instead creating more “problems” we should just access more major problems, like comparing it to a written work in its own sense.

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